Hugo Release 0.81.0

Hugo 0.81.0: The Smorgasbord Edition

Attribute lists (e.g. CSS classes) for Markdown blocks, newlines in template actions/blocks, native Apple M1 ARM64 binary, it’s faster, and more …

February 19, 2021

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Hugo 0.81.0 is the first release of this decade, it is the fastest to date, and it’s packed with useful new features.

Newlines in Template Actions and Commands

You can now have newlines within template actions and pipelines. This means that you can now do this and similar:

{{ dict 
	"country" "Norway" 
	"population" "5 millions"
	"language" "Norwegian"
	"language_code" "nb"
	"weather" "freezing cold"
	"capitol" "Oslo"
	"largest_city" "Oslo"
	"currency"  "Norwegian krone"
	"dialing_code" "+47" 

Note that the above construction will fail in Hugo versions < 0.81.0.

Attribute Lists after Markdown Blocks